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In solidarity with metalworkers at ArcelorMittal in Italy

25 Maggio 2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
We are writing this letter to you on behalf of IndustriALL Global Union and industriAll European Trade Union, both representing millions of workers in mining, energy and manufacturing industries in Europe and worldwide, to express our full support and solidarity with your four hour long strike scheduled for today at all the plants of ArcelorMittal in Italy calling on the company to urgently disclose its business plan, and engage in a meaningful dialogue with the unions to ensure the viability of the plants while keeping jobs and decent working conditions for the entire workforce.
It is imperative that ArcelorMittal minimize the economic and social impact of this pandemic on workers and their families and communities. The burden of the massive pressure on the steel industry in Europe and particularly in Italy resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic cannot only be carried by the workers. We demand protection for the Italian steel industry, for instance, through border adjustment systems.
Furthermore, IndustriALL Global Union and industriAll European Trade Union fully support your call to ArcelorMittal to disclose immediately their plans for the future of all plants in Italy, and sit down with the trade unions to negotiate a fair recovery that takes full account of job security and decent working conditions, including liveable wages.

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Il lavoro è un momento di grandi relazioni e contatto con tante persone.
Prestiamo tutti, anche noi sindacalisti, attenzione ad alcuni accorgimenti.
La crisi del 2008 ci ha fatto perdere il 25% del tessuto industriale senza successivi, rilevanti, effetti compensativi; questa emergenza sanitaria determinerà una ulteriore contrazione di capacità produttiva e perdite di 650 miliardi di euro secondo le stime del Cerved.
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